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This was a project on which we worked with our partners above.  They had a website but the SEO on it was not working for them, so after discussing with ‘VS’ above, the plan was to develop a custom build website.

We actually built our own version of WordPress! Where pages can be added, images uploaded to a media library, left or right menus can be set, colour schemes etc.  It was a great success.  We wrote about 97% of the code, including all CSS (the styling for colours, layouts and fonts).  It was quite a system and worked very well.  We used the same system on a few other websites.

But later on, it was decided to move to WordPress as that was becoming more of a standard website and not just for Blogging.  So we rebuilt it all in WordPress and now it works very well for them.

Images, videos and content was supplied.  We did the on page work, layouts, colour scheme and brand setup.

Barking, London

Services Provided