Tutors and Exams

UK Private Education Company
Coventry, Bolton, Doncaster, London

Simon from the Marketing Department at Tutors and Exams got in touch with us later in 2020, about their website.  They had a great many issues with it, so we submitted a Website Audit.  This showed up many areas they knew about, and quite a number that they didn’t.

Migrating website to our hosting platform

As a result, and following some meetings, mostly online during the UK ‘issues’, it was decided to migrating the whole website over to our platform, for us to care for it.  The plan is now to nurture it forward into a better place.  A new design is underway, one that means we can support it far better.  With a more responsive design, and easier to use tools.

Working with Simon, Lee and Chris, as well as some of the ladies at the company, has been just joy.  They are such a nice bunch of people.  We worked on their various locations, including their London website design, to make each town have its own set of information.  And to this end, we are now working on further projects with them.  These projects are taking a website that is many parts of the UK – to be International; including in South Africa.

Each part of the website is being meticulously re-designed, to be slicker, and work better and above all, easier to maintain with a much simpler system, while keeping it’s brand look and feel.

It’s truly a global company, for Private Education, and we are really proud to be playing a part in this sector.

You can see the website here: https://www.tutorsandexams.uk