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Titanium Water Utilities

What she does
A local family run business based in Mablethorpe, with 20 years experience, qualified and accredited engineers, for new water, drainage and plumbing needs.

What we covered
Web Design, Website Hosting

Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire, UK


titanium plumbing

How it all started

It all started on Bank Holiday Friday when Harvey got in touch with us on Livechat, needing a new website.  He had been in touch before, but was never quite ready to move; this time he was, and we were ready to kick start it for him.

We really appreciate the work you have done. I understand that the site will run a lot faster now and our seo online presence.

Harvey, Director

Our Solution

The website design

Our plan was to design Harvey a brand new looking website on our server.  Using WordPress, we would turn it from a dark gloomy website, into a brighter, fresher look, with water, better imagery and details on what his company does.

He had plenty of photos from which we could choose for the design.  Plus textual content to show what services his company provides.  He also had a few videos that we could use.

The idea was to step away from the darker website he had, and into something much fresher, cleaner.  But also interesting to view, unlike many of his competitors.  But he also had ideas from other companies, from which he wanted to take some lead as well.

The result is a website that has all his information, can developer more, and has movement on the screen (as water doesn’t stop moving!).

titanium water utilities website
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