The Blunt Trust

Local Wisbech Charity

John and Sue from The Blunt Trust, in Upwell near Wisbech got in touch with us about issues on their website.

They were struggling with the admin side of it, trying to learn how to use Elementor, and doing things that seemed relatively easy.

Have a Livechat with them, we gave them a ring to understand more of the issues they had, and to book them in for some WordPress Training.  We would travel down there to see them.  The plan went well, and the following week we visited them at their home, and what a beautiful place it is.

Sue treated us to lunch, and then went through their list of issues.  Elementor is not our “choice” of page builder, as certain things that seem simple are now.  Example: if you want to Copy/Duplicate a row, you would expect a copy ‘icon’ to appear.  But no.  You have to right click (or double click on a Mac) to open a menu to then duplicate.  The same with Deleting a row.

However, we taught them how to do this, and other aspects which they found really informative.  We are now admins on their website, so can make changes remotely, if they are simple edits.  Or we will book another session with them.

You can visit their charity website here:

Spalding, Lincolnshire

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