Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue

Dog Rescue Charity

After speaking with Simon regards looking for someone to keep our charity website maintained and up-to date, my mind was put at ease knowing that he just just at the end of a phone or email if anything needs sorted, he brought our website upto date and it’s running brilliantly We would highly recommend 79 Design for anything website related 😁😁Chris

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue

What they do
A charity, rehoming Staffys as well as offering advice on caring for these wonderful dogs.

What we provided
Charity Hosting, WordPress Support, WordPress Maintenance

Leverington, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, UK


sbt rescue monitor website

The Brief

Chris got in touch with our phone and livechat, desperately needing help with their charitable doggy rescue website.  They had support with it, but it wasn’t up to a standard.  We listened to her about the issues she had, from general updates, to changing images.  For us, easy peasy, for her, not so much.  But also the support she was receiving to just do simple tasks, seem to be a “chore” for them.  So we gladly took over.

They look after Staffy Bull Terrier Dogs, rehoming them, and providing ongoing support.  What Chris and her Charity do is wonderful, and it is right on our doorstep.  We had to step in, offer her a discounted service, and show we care, as well as they care.


Our Solution

WordPress updates

After we were given access, job one was to update all their plugins, and even WordPress itself which was badly out of date.

Google Analytics

Chris didn’t know what traffic she was getting, as their designer had never installed the tool to do it.  A 5 minute job, and now she can see each day what traffic she gets, with Google Analytics.

Images and Updates

Chris can now send us the images that need editing, and we provide the support to tweak them and assign them to her pages.

sbt rescue monitor website
sbt rescue phone version
staffy bull terrior dog charity
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