South Lincs Solar

Solar Panel Experts

South Lincs Solar

What they do
A local family business, specialising now in solar panels and electric vehicle charging points.

With over 10 years experience in the electrical industry, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and we aim to maintain high standards of workmanship and customer care at all times.

What we covered
Website Design, WordPress Support,WordPress Migrations.

Spalding, Lincolnshire, UK


south lincs solar website on laptop

How it all started

Matt from South Lincs Solar got in touch with us as he had two websites.  One was no longer needed, but wanted it pointing to his other mai business, while he wanted to keep the email accounts for it, but all managed and hosted elsewhere.  Plus, a new fresh design for “South Lincs Solar”.

Spot on. Just what we wanted.

Matt, Owner, South Lincs Solar

Our Solution

Job one was to move his website to our server.  A simple task.  Job two was to completely overhaul its design.  We initially used stock images, but then those that Matt kindly supplied, so it was much more personal.

We changed a few things on demand, such as areas that were no longer needed.  We also double checked to ensure it was totally responsive, with nothing essential from the first page-folder  (seen without sliding the page up).  Our ‘responsive’ service is very particular, as it is paramount to us that the client’s website looks amazing on a phone.

Once the website was ready, we migrated all his emails over to our service – one dedicated to his emails, as he had many stored, and it was only going to grow.  So it had to be a solution that we would not need to increase; at least not for some considerable time!

south lincs solar website on mobile
south lincs solar website on laptop
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