Silicone Manufacturers

Silex Silicone Rubber Products

What they do
Manufacturing and Supplying all Silicone Rubber Products for over 35 years.

What we covered
WordPress Support, Website Hosting, Web Design

Bordon, Hampshire


website silex uk

How it all started

Pete from Silex got in touch with us, wanting to leave where the website was being hosted, supported, the lot.  He wanted better support, and to have control of their domain name (as their designer bought it, but never handed it back to them).  They could see what we had done in the past, and our clients, and wanted the same level of support.

This was for two websites, to get far better value for money, with a far better service.

Since all this happened, we have now redesigned the Silex website, using very similar layouts, but one with a far less complex “behind the scenes” tool, and where we are able to edit content far better for them.  Management are now in a much better position to update the website for themselves, with our help where needed.

Brilliant, you are super helpful.  Thanks so much.

Abi, Marketing, Silex UK

Our Solution

We listened to all of their worries, had a good look through the website, and made a plan to migrate it one website at a time, from their hosting, to ours.  Before we did that, we had to move their domain away from its ownership.  As they were a little unclear on this, we offered to move it to 79DESIGN ownership, and would pass it back to them at a later date.  This process was done smoothly.  Job two was to move the website itself, which was performed by our Migrations Team.

Our WordPress Support package is now provided to Silex UK.

silex mobile website
website silex uk
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