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What they do
SES Systems is a CCTV, Intruder & Fire Alarms & Access Control provider, based in Boston, Lincolnshire

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Boston, Lincolnshire, UK


ses systems website

How it all started

Brandon from SES got in touch with us about their website.  That it has been taken on for SEO, but nothing had really changed.  When we looked, we noticed an array of problems that were there, at a glance.  So we immediately knew what we could do for them.

This is exactly why we needed a company like you.

Jordan, IT Support, SES Systems

Our Solution

Initially the problem was speed.  We copied their site to us, to demonstrate we were faster.  We were.  Then we moved it over, got them through Cloudflare too, to help with security, but also with speed of DNS changes.

Then we started work on SEO, and the story continues….

ses systems website
ses systems website