Roots & Shoots

Roots & Shoots

Roots & Shoots

What she does
This company provides garden services across Lincolnshire.

What we covered
Logo Design

Friskney, Lincolnshire, UK

roots and shoots logo

How it all started

Rachel dropped us a line asking for something very straight forward – a new logo for her business.  I needed to incorporate elements of her existing logo which we believe was done from one of those “online card” services, but she needed it at a resolution that could be placed on clothing and other printing needs.

She had some specific requirements, including colour and layout, which helped us get exactly what she wanted.

Our Graphic Designer Fiona got right on it, and came up with a few designs for Rachel.  What usually happens is that the client like a font of one design and a colour or layout of another – but not this time.  Fiona nailed it, and Rachel went for one option with no changes.  Experience in design clearly counts.

roots and shoots logo

We do work for some clients who are such a pleasure – Rachel was one of them. Knew what she wanted, and we hope she enjoys the logo, and wears it with pride.

Simon, Director

Our Solution

Rooted Design

A logo that encompasses what her business provides, with every aspect of it’s design.