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Boston, Lincolnshire
Premier Shelves

Dawn and Kevin from Premier Shelves contacted us directly a few years ago asking us to create them a website – to quote them – “that works”.

Their original designer had created something within WordPress that was so complicated, they could not personally add products to their website.  It had to be done by their designer.

It was totally unmanageable by them.

We met with them and learned of all their problems.  Our plan was to build something 100% bespoke.  A system that was easy for them to manage.  Easy to add products.  Easy to add additional sizing.  So that it was easy for the customer to select the sizes available to them.

This took several months of work, but the result was a website that amazed them and their customers.

However…. several years on, they have decided they wish to have it upgraded to a newer system with the latest tech – again they call on 79DESIGN.  We are so pleased to be able to now work on a new WordPress platform that can do it easily.  With newer tech we can make it happen, and are in the midst of this project right now.

Boston, Lincolnshire

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