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The Brief

We had a call from Mike from PPM Pest Control in Spalding to say his website wasn’t performing so well, and needed serious modernising.

It wasn’t built with WordPress nor was it responsive.  It looked very dated and not “on brand”.  When you visit their office in Spalding, that is very ‘on brand’, for their business.  The website needed to reflect the same thing.

So we went through what was needed from their site, and what wasn’t, and began and overhaul.

Our Solution

We rebuilt the website from the ground up.  New hosting, new WordPress setup and design.  Taking quality images to express the services they provide, as well as the blue shades colour scheme, and the ‘boxes’ in PPM’s logo.

The aim was also to understand the importance of the organisations with whom they are connected, such as Which?, and to show people who professional they are at what they do.  Even down to ‘traps’, that have a remote system, so they can tell if the trap was “used” from their offices, rather than having to inspect the result.  Their setup is hugely modern and ‘cutting edge’.  As a Pest Control company in Lincolnshire, they are hugely impressive.

The website is now modern, colourful with information on the various ‘pests’ they deal with, as well as other information on the company.

You can visit their website here: https://www.ppm-pestcontrol.co.uk.


Spalding, Lincolnshire

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