PP-L Biosafety

Bio-Resilience Technology, Sleaford
Health & Safety

The Brief

Matt from PP-L Biosafety got in touch with us about WordPress support for their website, as they were unable to edit any part of their site, without contacting their designer.

For some reason their old site, which was WordPress, had been done in an unusual way that locked down just about every aspect of their website.  So they asked us to redesign it, using a ‘page builder’, so we (and they) could easily make changes and help with SEO.

They also wanted the means to add products to their website, so they showed up in various categories.  This couldn’t be done with their existing setup.

Our Solution

We planned to migrate their website to our server, on a dummy domain, and reskin the whole design, but to look just like theirs.

A brand new theme was installed, and skinned to look like theirs, down to the tiles on the homepage, but in such a way that they could now edit and change it themselves.  The result is quite special.

We installed WooCommerce, but set it to Catalogue Mode that disables various factors, but with custom coding to enable descriptions to appear, and the menu tweaked too.

They now have a semi-commerce platform, along with the means to edit their own content, move content around, and the resulting speed difference is staggering.  An increase of 80% in their Performance Speed as resulted.  They provide Air Purification and Air Cleaning Solutions throughout the UK.

We continue to support them in all aspects of their website, and future projects too.

You can visit her website here: https://www.ppl-biosafety.com.