Original Window to the Womb

Private Baby Scanning
Original Window to the Womb

We were asked by Julie at The Original WTTW (short for Window to the Womb) to look into their SEO as their ranking was not terribly good.

We ran a website audit and found many problems.  These were reported back, and following a very nice telephone conversation with Julie, we were hired to look after their SEO and website overall, on a monthly basis.

Within weeks of doing these, we upgraded various elements of the Original Window to the Womb website, and helped manage a major issue they faced with their hosts.

Our SEO expertise has lifted their ranking for their main local keywords, as well as improving the structure of their website, gallery system, and other elements.

They have two studios: a 4D Baby Scanning Studio in Nottingham, plus another 4D Baby Scanning studio in Sheffield.

We also now run more regular blogs for them, as well as posting varied Social Media posts for them.

Their IT team run by Deborah also works with us to ensure a smooth running of their online operation.

Nottingham & Sheffield

Services Provided

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