Mustard Seed Project

Helping a foreign School develop its children
Market Deeping, Lincolnshire
Mustard Seed Project

Rita from the Mustard Seed Project in Market Deeping contacted us directly, through our Livechat service.

She had a WordPress website that she was struggling to deal with.  The layouts and formats were a bit of a pickle, and the various areas of WordPress were proving trickle for Rita to understand.

SEO was also on her mind, so we looking at the various ways she uses the website now, and went through our personal list of issues and question.  This worked really well, as although we can go through a plan, it’s better if we can complete as much from her list as possible.

We had issues with hosting, such as adding plugins that would improve image optimisation, but we did what we could, and in the 3 hour slot, she felt we had covered an awful lot.

You can visit her website here: Mustard Seed Project.  Note: at the time of this publication, the site was not using her new website, as it was under development (03/2019).

To quote Rita in her Google Review, “I’m setting up a new website for our charity but reached the point where I needed some support. Simon was really helpful and I would definitely use them again“.

Market Deeping, Peterborough

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