Monopoly Finance

Financial Company
Monopoly Finance

This was a project on which we worked with our partners above.  They were setting up a new business, new domain, so it has all begun from scratch.

Monopoly Finance Website Designer

We were given the premise on which to base the design, so we started with a WordPress Website setup, plus hosting, and with the supplied logo we developed the style.  Many of the images on the website were sourced by us, and the layouts were mostly setup by ourselves.  The header, footer, theme design, fonts and more were all our work.

We added custom code to satisfy certain areas of the website that the theme couldn’t adopt, and some final changes too, including SEO checks on tags and images.

Visual Shop liaised directly with the client, and it recently went live and we submitted it to Google in the usual professional manner.  It looks great and we look ahead to developing the website even further.

Services Provided

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