Mo Stewart Research

Independent Disabled Studies Researcher
Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

Mo got in touch with us from her base in Wisbech about having a website created for her research papers.

She has been conducting independent disability studies research for over 10 years, and needed to have a website established for other researchers, students and academics to look at her work.  After an initial face-to-face meeting with her, we started work.  With a great deal of direct input from Mo, we established a strong relationship, and built the website up with her documents, graphical images, and her own wording throughout.

Continued work with Mo Stewart

She did have some form of website setup, but it was all very wrong.
It is now setup correctly, and attracting a huge audience from across the world, with requests for Mo to speak in Australia as well as venues in London regarding the American corporate influence with the planned demolition of the UK welfare state.

The website took many months to develop, including changes to original plans that will help researchers find her work in much easier to manage ways.

Mo is absolutely delighted with the result, and speaks with us most months about various updates to be done across the website.

Bespoke Coding

Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

Mo Stewart Research