Milk Wood Photography

Kettering based Weddings & Events Photographer

We got in touch with Rob from Milk Wood Photography in Late November 2019, it was about his website SEO, hosting and the overall feel of it.

We all decided it needed moving away from SquareSpace (which was doing him no favours at all), into WordPress.

We initially setup a temporary place from him on one of our servers so we could build the site while leaving his site live.  The aim was to make it looks as similar as possible to the existing site, but powering up the SEO, speed and performance to the max.

Within a short space of time this was completed to huge satisfaction and we now hosting and support Rob’s website.

A major issue with his website, and other Photography ‘gallery’ sites, was that certain pages had large galleries.  Such as one page with over 35 photos.  The issue was that they were all loading the moment the page loaded, and none were optimised.

We transformed it.  These pages now look the same, but the page size, speed and performance has been radically upgraded.  We provide WordPress Support to Rob, as well as gallery tools for his client, and further changes and improvements ongoing.