Madeleine Hawkes

Dietitian and Psychologist

The Brief

Madeleine contacted us as she needed WordPress Support for her website, as well as SEO services – which was apparently being done by an existing company.  There was not a shred of evidence that any SEO had ever been done.

The site had no caching, not optimisation, not keywords added, and the speed wasn’t up to par.

She also had issues where she would contact them for help, and wait days or more for a reply.  We decided it was time she shifted to a better place.

Our Solution


She wasn’t too keen to move, so we simply enabled some of our professional tools on her website, and it had an immediate effect, so there has been no initial need to move the site to us.   While we would prefer it be with us for added performance, it works well where it is.  But with correct Caching enabled, this has helped her site move forward.

The website design

Madeleine’s site already uses WP Bakery which is a wonderful tool to use.  So we have been able to make updates on her website, without having to ‘redesign’ anything, which adds costs that she doesn’t need.

She has already commended us on the time in which we have initiated a lot of our changes, and will continue to do so over the course of time, to help drive her website, and her SEO upwards in the right direction.


Bristol, UK