Lincolnshire Tyre Collections

Tyre Collections

Lincolnshire Tyre Collections

What they do
This fine company provides tyre collections across Lincolnshire and the UK, for disposal and recycling.

What we covered
Website Hosting,WordPress Web Design.

Frithville, Lincolnshire


lincolnshire tyre collections website design

How it all started

Jen from Lincolnshire Tyre Collections called us about her website.  It was very dated and old fashioned, and not terribly easy to navigate.  She wanted something new, modern and more punchy.  We were only to pleased to assist.

It’s wonderful. Thank you.

Jen, Director, Lincolnshire Tyre Collections

Our Solution

This was a very straight forward website task for us.  To redesign it from our end, taking existing content plus new images that Jen kindly supplied.  A few we also found to use online, and a more modern font that was punchy yet friendly.  Taking their brand, colouring and what they do, we turned their website into something far more fitting for the modern day.

lincolnshire tyre collections website design
lincolnshire tyre collections website design
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