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Simon visited our school to discuss aspects of WordPress to help with our website. He was very friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help. We were able to understand some basic aspects of the process and Simon has offered to do a diagnosis of the website to help make it easier for us to add and remove data. I would have liked a day of working from the ground up but was aware of the limitations due to hosting and our time away from work. However I would definitely recommend getting in contact with this company as they are very knowledgeable in website design and creation and have a helpful and friendly attitude.Pat, Administrator at the College.

Dianne from Lincoln Castle Academy contacted us directly asking for help with learning WordPress.  She and her colleague has been asked to take on their website, but with many struggles.

After a brief audit, we found it had issues and booked a day’s WordPress Training at the school in Lincoln.

We trained Dianne and her colleague, going through their own personal issues with the system, as well as teaching them the basics.

Their additional plugins needed work as well, to help them understand how various parts of it worked, so they can manage the website themselves.

We hope to continue this relationship providing them ongoing support, as their local Lincolnshire WordPress experts.

We thank them for their hospitality on the day, and look forward to seeing them all again soon.

Lincoln, Lincolnshire

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