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Learning Links Tuition

What they do
Learning Links Tuition is the result of over twenty years’ experience tutoring students. In this time they have helped thousands of young people achieve their goals.

They have developed our materials and techniques to really assist students to learn and feel confident

What we covered
Website Design, WordPress Support,WordPress Migrations.

South Wimbledon, London, UK


learning links tuition website design on laptop

How it all started

Julia was referred to us by one of our other educational clients, as she had many problems with her website, the design, editing it, and emails not going through.  She was told how reliable and trustworthy we are, and we hope we have proved this to her.

Miles better. Love it. Easier to manage too.

Julia, Owner, Learning Links Tuition

Our Solution

Our first task was to copy her website over to our platform, so we had all her pages and images stored.  Then we took the site down a different, simpler route of Semi Commerce.  So each type of subject was a Category, and each Course was a “product”.  Disabling the means to Buy Now, Basket and other features.

We gave the website a positive uplifting feel, using the website’s original images, but modernising it for today’s digital marketplace.

It is a fully responsive website (like all our sites), so works on any device.

learning links tuition
learning links tuition
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