JW Cope

Safety Company

JW Cope

What they do
With a “common sense approach” to health and Safety, JW Cope have been leaders in Health and Safety management in the UK for many years.

What we covered
Website Hosting and migration

Boston, Lincolnshire, UK

website jw cope

How it all started

Emma from JW Cope got in touch with us asking us to help with their website.  They had many problems, both with the hosting support, as well as SEO and understanding of how it works.  We visited them and met both Emma and Scott at their Boston premises to go through it all.

I’m happier knowing that it is being looked after.

Scott, Director, JW Cope

Our Solution

It is a vast website, with multiple areas for their great many clients.  Our plan was to migrate their website over.
First we had to talk with their existing hosts, who we shan’t mention or quote here.  But upon having a conversation, it was very clear their hosting was not up to scratch, and the company they were with, could setup a new hosting account, but it would cost considerably more, and they would not migrate the site to this new platform.  Alas their help was frankly a little poor.

So we dug our heels in, and after many trials, migrated the entire website to a far superior hosting platform, with regular backups (something they never had before), and far better support.

We not plan on furthering their website proposition.