Jimmy Cricket

The Famous Irish Comedian
Rochdale, Lancashire

The Brief

Oh boy, what can we say about our Jimmy Cricket.  We approached his existing designer when we noticed their website was down a few years back.  After some talks, we ended up looking after his website for him.  Initially through his son, but eventually directly through Jimmy and his wife May.

He never really had issues with the site, though the design at the time was extremely dated, so we decided to go all-out with a fresh new design for him.

Working with his wife May, and directly with Jimmy too, we got it working exactly as they wanted it.

Our Solution

We look after his website, update content when needed, and help with updates, uptime, and new ideas they have.

A few years ago we developed a brand new area on his website for a Radio 2 show he did way “back in the day”.  He sent us many CDs of his radio broadcasts, and we ripped them all and got them on his website – to much applause.

We have become very good friends.  We have seen Jimmy and his wife every Christmas since then (bar 2020), sometimes at his shows when his invites us over to see him (front and back stage), but also just to see him for a drink if he is performing nearby.

May is at the other end of the phone, and is a delight to talk to.  Jimmy did something very special for a dear friend of our business as well.   Something we won’t ever forget.  He and May are very dear friends, and we are proud to manage their WordPress website.

We’ve become friends with Jimmy Cricket

Since 2014 Jimmy has also written in a local newspaper column, and we are proud to have started piling it for him on his website, right here: https://www.jimmycricket.co.uk/newspaper-column/