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What they do
This company designs and builds advanced home cinemas, with everything needed, including lighting, speakers, seating, screens, software – everything to make your own Odeon!

Hillington, Scotland


home cinema scotland website

How it all started

Gary, the owner of the core business wrote to us as he had various jobs on requiring our services.  This is just one of them.  He had it designed by someone else but it wasn’t working.  So we took it over, migrated it, and redesigned it for him.  Trying to give it that full wow factor of home cinema!

Brilliant.  Love it.  Quite the wow factor.
Gary, Owner, Home Cinema Scotland

Our Solution

Job one was to move the site he’d had built, to our server.  Job two was to put it into a state of Coming Soon, and then start the redesiging.  He only had a few pages build, but was happy to fill in the gaps.  So we designed the structure, picked out the colours, including the neon electric blue to give it a ‘glow’.  Plus other dynamic features across the website.

He wanted it fully responsive – we only do 100% responsive, so it was perfect for us.  He needed a real wow factor, and we feel we nail it!

home cinema scotland website designer
home cinema scotland website