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The Brief

We had an email from Sarah at Help Wildlife about issues with her emails.  They weren’t getting through.  The problem was down to some settings that needed to be updated, and within a short space of time, we resolved the issue.  But this led to other issues she had, including speed of the site, and stability!  Both were waning badly.

Our suggestion was to take over hosting on a much higher performance system, but with a reduction in cost down to their Charitable status.  This was quickly accepted!

Our Solution

Our amazing hosting partners got to work to migrate Sarah’s website over from a shared hosting of relatively low RAM, to about 4 times the RAM, with vastly upgraded CPU.  We had tried an alternative, but it wasn’t measuring up so well for their needs.

They now have a website that scores very high on performance, and will no doubt be hugely stable for her to do what her charity does.  We are hugely proud to have sorted both her emails, and the website for her.  This was done with a reduction in hosting costs, and NO costs involved in the email or migration side of things.  We have a strong affinity with animals, and simply wanted to do this for her and her valued charity.

You can visit her website here:

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