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Reading, Berkshire
Gun Photos

Our portfolio of work is highly varied, as you can see here.  We look after a company that sells Airsoft and Air Gun products, as well as their wholesaler’s website.

This company take their own photographs, rather than “sending them off”.  So they decided to sell high-quality photographs of these products, online.  Gun Photos was born.

Downloadable ecommerce design

We had to setup the ecommerce platform, as well as using our WordPress talents, to create the format of the site.  Commerce sites tend to have “/shop/” as their shopping page, so we tweaked that, as well as the individual product pages.

We also developed the download tool that makes it secure.  ie.  if you bought a downloadable file, you wouldn’t want it shared with everyone so they can enjoy the link that you paid for!  So we stopped this right at the beginning.

It’s a secure online website, for downloadable images.

Reading, Berkshire

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