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Delivered an excellent website for us which helped us climb up the google rankings quickly. Offers great ongoing support with prompt responses to any queries we have had.Thomas, Greencell

Greencell in Pinchbeck, contacted us about their website.  It was written in Flash and so their SEO was at rock-bottom.

We went to see them, most notably their IT manager to go through it.

After a nice conversation we went through all the new content that was needed, new pages, design and overall appearance.

After a number of weeks we developed them a new WordPress website that was a responsive website, much easier to navigation, and we knew this would give Greencell’s SEO a real kick.

Improved SEO on Greencell

The result is that their keywords are now ranking higher than ever before, and we continue to support their business online including their hosting.

Since they have IT folks there, they asked us to also provide WordPress Training to show how to edit content.  We gladly did this in their Head Office and it’s proved very useful for them.

Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire

Services Provided

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