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One of the directors of Gramablend is family to our CEO friend Mark.  A number of years ago, before we adopted WordPress as our chief website design system, we were asked to create a fully bespoke website design for Gramablend UK.  They are in other countries too.

The plan for this website was extraordinary.  Not just an ecommerce website, but one that has many options to it’s varied and glowing clientele.  This included many styles of lightweight stone, which is their USP.  They are the UK’s (if not the World’s) foremost suppliers and manufacturers of this type of product.  They design and fit it into places like Super Yachts, extravagant Hotels, airports (such as Heathrow), and even in Lifts (such as Harrods) where one the lightest and thinnest stone can be used.  This is particular useful when they want the stone to be back-lit.

Their client list is quite supreme.  So we were very pleased to be able to write this new website, while making it responsive too.  This was on a WordPress website.  They had lots of ideals for the website, so the system grew.  The tools in the administration area grew as their imagination (and ours) developed on what could be achieved.

Gramablend Website Designer

A point came where it because clear that a WordPress platform would be better for them; a more modern look, and an improved system.  So we began working with Visual Shop on this plan.  Designing it to fit their brand, though much of the images and content on the website is down to them.  We took the reigns in the initial brand setup and layouts.  We continue to support their website and hosting.

You can visit their website here:

Henley on Thames, Berkshire

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