George Barnsdale

Quality Windows and Doors since 1884
Donington, Lincolnshire
George Barnsdale

Tracy, the Marketing Manager at George Barnsdale in Donington, Lincolnshire, contacted us via Livechat about problems with their WordPress website.

She needed to advance her knowledge on Posts and Pages, checking she was doing certain tasks correct, and the most effectively, dealing with images correctly and much more besides.

Three other ladies attended, all who needed to learn more about WordPress, some of whom had no idea about the platform so we taught them from the ground up.

We taught them about Blog Posts, a startup of SEO learning, image optimisation and correct Header Tag usage.

When you are taught so much, it doesn’t always all sink in, so they have our contact details for any quick tips or issues they face in the future.

It was a great pleasure to visit them and work for George Barnsdale.  Considering the age of the business, and photographs showing their history, it also felt rather prestigious.

You can visit their website here:

Donington, Spalding

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