Fedora Strings

Peterborough Classical Music Artists
Peterborough, Cambs
Fedora Strings

We had news into our office that Fedora Strings from Peterborough was having difficulties with their website.  So we called them up, and spoke with Joanna.  A really lovely lady who we met a day or two later.

Her website was written with an old theme, old WordPress version, and the SEO was basically broken.

We took over the hosting, installed a new version of their theme, updated WordPress and fixed the fundamental SEO problems.  Within a short time, their main keywords had increased their ranking quite rapidly.

They provide Custom Sheet Music for Strings, which is a service for creating you your very own piece of classic music.  It’s a truly unique selling point of their business.

In fact, within a few months she called us up about a spike in sales – that’s what we like to hear!

She wanted to learn more about how to write Blogs correctly, so we offered “over the phone” WordPress training.  This has proved to be a terrific two hours of her life, as she is blogging regularly.

We continue to host Joanna’s website, and monitor the uptime, and the SEO on her new Blogs which she does on a regular basis.  If you are into string music, and classics, visit their Fedora Strings website.

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Services Provided

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