Erica Swanson Design

Interior Designer & Blogger

Erica Swanson Design, Canada

What they do
A keen blogger and Interior Designer, from Canada.



erica swanson design

How it all started

This was a fairly simple task – Erica wrote to us via our Gmail to ask if we could migrate her website to our platform, and host it for her, with a view to a redesign in the near future.  Our crack team got right on it!

Thank you.  So swift and easy.
Erica, Owner, Erica Swanson Design

Our Solution

We quickly setup hosting for Erica, and got our migration team onto the site.  It went through a few processes, from GoDaddy to HostGator… but the team are use to it.  And we soon got her website moved over… ready for stage two!

erica swanson design
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