Equipose Detox

Alcohol Detox Management

Equipoise Ltd

What she does
Equipoise Home Detoxification offers an exclusive alternative to the traditional inpatient rehabilitation service.

What we covered
Web Design, Website Hosting, SEO, Business Cards, Graphic Design

Sleaford, Lincolnshire, UK


How it all started

Sian contacted us directly about their business plans, with their logo design plan, and various presentation sheets to show the direction she wanted to go.  We met her and Ian for a coffee in Spalding, Lincolnshire, to discuss their Web Design needs.  Some of the websites we have done before, were interesting to them so we went down a similar route.

logo equipoise

Enjoyed working alongside Sian and Ian to get this just right for them. Fiona used her skills to develop some lovely stationery for them as well.

Simon, Director

Our Solution

The website design

The plan was always for us to host the website, so we took on the challenge to develop something gentle, fresh, with their supplied photos, and a little of our graphic design too.  They kindly supplied all the wording, so we just laid it out in a way that they liked from another website, but with a few tweaks here and there.

Logo and Graphic Design

Their logo needed redrawing so it could be used in Hi Res for printing.   So along with doing that, and creating new ‘curves’ for the site and the stationery, we developed their branding.

Video Meeting

We try to be a green and environmentally conscious as we can, so after the initial face to face meeting over a coffee, our other comms were via email, but also Zoom, as we could screen share, and with Sian and Ian a bit of a distance from us, it saved on fuel costs as well as environmental reasons.

equipoise website
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