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Gun Repairs and Sales

Elderkins of Spalding

What they do
Elderkins has been in Spalding since 1880, and in Pinchbeck previous since 1715. They have quite the history. They sell Guns, Country Clothing, and repair guns throughout Lincolnshire, and way beyond. From their original store, in Spalding.

What we covered
Website Hosting,WordPress Web Design.

Spalding, Lincolnshire


elderkins spalding website

How it all started

Kirstie from Elderkins contacted us as their website looked really very old. It had very poor means for them to update it, to add products, and the design was “of it’s time”, when it was designed. She wanted something much more modern, tho in keeping with their brand.

Miles better, thank you. Shows our heritage too.

Kirstie, Manager, Elderkins of Spalding

Our Solution

After seeing their signage, and lovely frontage of the store, we had ideas straight way.  We knew we wanted a load of current photos, taken on a sunny day.  This just happened to be on a Saturday, so while in town, we took a load of photographs from the front of the store, including the ‘hero shot’ you see at the top of the homepage.

Kirstie kindly gave us a tour of the store, right through to the workshop, that most don’t get to see:  behind the scenes!
We took plenty more photos, some that were edited, and took history photos away with us to scan.

The result is a website that keeps their styling, tho with a modern edge.

elderkins spalding website
elderkins spalding website
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