Dyslexia Matters

Specialist Teacher Training Services

The Brief

James from Cambridge based Dyslexia Matters got in contact with us about their company’s website.  It was built with Joomla but had all sorts of problems, as well as SEO issues.

They wanted us to migrate it all over to WordPress, recreate new areas, new learning areas, and make it much more responsive for their clientele.

Our Solution

It was a lovely project to work on, and one of those that felt worthwhile too.  We now provide further WordPress Support to this organisation which enjoys a healthy turnover on their website, and expanding growth, along with regular WordPress Maintenance.

Providing WordPress Support to Dyslexia Matters

James and his team had great ideas on where to take it, and with supplied photography, we redesigned the entire system, using WordPress.

We continue to support their website, and host it on our UK servers.

Visit the website here: https://www.dyslexiamatters.co.uk

Working on all devices/browsers.
Thanks as always for the speedy response!James

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