Divine Lingerie

Sexy Lingerie
Downham Market, Lincolnshire
Divine Lingerie

We have been working with Wendy from Divine Lingerie for a while now.  It was a new lingerie shop in the heart of Cambridgeshire.  We developed their logo, the brand, website design, the lot.

They supplied the images of the products, though mostly came from manufacturers.  It is an ecommerce website hosted on our SSL platform.  We regularly updates various parts of the website, to keep it fresh and up to date.  We support their social media, and work each month on the SEO of the website.

It’s a sexy, sensual design of website.  Lovely purple colours, with hints of green and black too.

Wendy has since retired and only does limited work.  So her website is alas no more.  We do have a backup of it, so if you need to see it, we can restore it elsewhere to make it available.

Downham Market, Norfolk

Services Provided

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