Direct Leisure Repairs

Mobile Vehicle Repair, Newark

Direct Leisure Repair

What they do
Specialists in Approved Mobile Caravan Services plus Motorhome Habitation Checks.

What we covered
WordPress SupportWordPress SEO

Newark, Nottinghamshire


The Brief

Wayne for Direct Leisure Repairs got in touch with us about his website issues.  From WordPress problems to some SEO issues.  We ran tests and found multiple problems, so put a plan together to alleviate as much as possible, with enabling a new theme.

It was a one time job that we really enjoyed.  An overall look through his site, and initial changes ‘on a budget’, that we hope would enable his site to progress further.

Director @ 79DESIGN

Our Solution

WordPress SEO

Initially we had to go through all the meta codes and onpage text.  There was a lot of missing tags, plus incorrect SEO Tag Usage, so we fixed all that.  There is quite a bit of animation on the site which we tend to avoid, but he wanted to keep this.  We made multiple other internal changes to the website, as well as moving links from core areas to sub areas, to improve top level keywords.

Page URL and Structure

With the limited time we had, we made direct changes to his structure, as the URL ‘slugs’ were very wrong, so we changed it and added redirects.  Plus fixed various image tags and filenames, to better serve his primary keywords.

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