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At 79DESIGN we are not ‘cold callers’.  It’s just not our way.  But on this occasion we were local to their gym so looked at their website.  It was not in a good way.  We found them on Facebook, got in touch with them, and within a matter of a week, we were sitting down with Jack (business partner at the Gym) going through what could be done; including the issues with their existing website.

He found it enlightening, and many months on now, we hosting their website securely, perform regular updates, made it fully responsive, took photos and we are preparing some Video Production.

It’s a very large gym – from the front you wouldn’t really notice, but Jack gave us a tour and it’s extensive.  We created a fully responsive WordPress Website for this Spalding Gym, very dynamic in it’s layout, and growing in popularity in the area.

Jack enjoys the fact that our support is at most hours, and we are super fast at responding and helping with many issues; some often not even involving the website.

Spalding, Lincolnshire

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