Contour Academy

Metalwork Training, Thorney

The Brief

Some time ago, Bruce got in touch with us about his website, and multiple issues he had.  At the time we provided a quote for him, but alas this went to another design company.  We wished him well.

However recently he got back in touch and said the job that was done, was not really working.  It has issues with the shopping process design, and the means of the client getting their video was extremely clunky.  And the homepage had multiple issues.

So our plan was to fix it all – overhaul it, but keep it to the same sort of design, with the font, images etc.

But make it work properly!

Our Solution

We couldn’t take his website and reskin, so we totally rebuilt it from scratch.  With a WordPress theme, customized to his design, but with added features of contact details, and just a nicer, slicker look and feel.

A new Training Courses area was added, so clients could contact him directly about a specific course.
We completely transformed the means of purchasing and downloading the video courses.  The cart process, and final download for the client is now much easier.  With the preview of the video on a YouTube account, but the videos themselves are downloadable from the website, and in a safe and secure way.

The whole site just feels easier to navigate, and we turned it around in extremely good time.    Indeed Bruce contacted us recently to say “I am very pleased with the look of the site and its construction, thank you for getting this up and running so quickly.“.

You can visit his website here:


Thorney, Cambridgeshire