Clive Simpson

Journalist & Writer

After speaking with Simon regards looking for someone to keep our charity website maintained and up-to date, my mind was put at ease knowing that he just just at the end of a phone or email if anything needs sorted, he brought our website upto date and it’s running brilliantly We would highly recommend 79 Design for anything website related 😁😁Chris

Clive Simpson

What they do
Journalist, Writer and Blog in all things, including Space Agency.

What we covered
WordPress Hosting

Bourne, Lincolnshire, UK


The Brief

We’ve known Clive for a many years.  His current hosting supplier wanted to close down, so Clive contacted us to migrate his two sites over.  One that is less priority, but his main blogging site,

I have known Clive for over 10 years, so when he asked me if our company could move his hosting to us, it was a pleasure. And we thank him for considering our services.


Our Solution

A Simple WordPress Migration

This was a relatively simple job, of migrating his WordPress website over to our hosting.  His setup didn’t allow our simplest method, so we had to adopt a secondary tool to shift it all over, which took a bit longer, but still a clean migration.

It also now runs faster, which is always a benefit.

Google Analytics and Cache

As well as migrating it, we also installed GA for him to track his traffic, and Litespeed Cache, which our server is enabled for – possibly the best caching tool on the market.

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