Caledonian Stone

Stone Flooring

Caledonian Stone

What she does
A flooring company from Scotland that specialises in premium quality stone and ceramic flooring, for consumer and wholesale.

What we covered
Web Design, Website Hosting

Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK


caledonian stone website

How it all started

It began where Shannon from ‘CS’ contacted us as they had major issues with their website.  Developer after developer had plugged in gaps and tried to resolve issues.  It just wasn’t working.  They wanted a company to take over, and fix it all.

It’s been a lot of hard work, bespoke coding and much more besides to make this website, what it is today.

Simon, Director

Our Solution

The website design

With a far cleaner design of website, more depth and feel, plus a better sense of quality about their products, our plan was to overhaul it.  We used specialist methods to make some advanced parts of this website work far better, as well as a general clean up of the design.  We added improved sidebars, better blog design, and just a simpler system for the team to operate.

caledonian stone website
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