Bespoke Bathing

Mobility Bathing Specialists

Bespoke Bathing

What they do
Tailored mobility bathroom installations throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

What we covered
Website Hosting, WordPress Support

Evesham, Worcestershire, UK


How it all started

Steve, the owner, his marketing consultant from London got in touch with us about this website.  It had been built, but messed up, and no design agency was able to get it running on any server.  They sent us the files that were used, and asked if we could do anything with it.

The magic began….

bespoke bathing logo

Looks lovely. Perfect. Glad you could sort it.

James, Marketing, Bespoke Bathing

Our Solution


We kept their original coming soon website live, while we tested to see if we could get their files running.  We did this in a matter of a few hours, to real success.  No issues at all. With dedicated RAM, specialist Caching, and wonderful performance.

The future

We have plans of boosting their design and strategy, to get even better performance for them in the future.  Watch this space!

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