BBQ Gourmet

BBQ Foods Company

BBQ Gourmet

What they do
Selling the finest BBQ brines, rubs, sauces and so much more, from the USA.

What we covered
Website Design, Website Hosting, WordPress Support, SEO, WordPress Developer

Malmesbury, Wiltshire


“We have worked so hard on this project, with multiple bespoke solutions written solely to be used on here. Plus design features and custom areas that were not previously available.” Simon, Director

We even developed a brand new widget from scratch, that helps allergy sufferers remove items that would cause them harm.

Simon, Director

Our Solution

The initial plan was to migrate the website to new improved hosting, then create a staging area to redesign it all.  79DESIGN would handle the design, features etc.  While Richard would handle the rest.

We redeveloped the shop areas, worked with our developer to further enhance these features, including a bespoke Reverse Filter system that “filters out” items you select.  Example:  you are allergic to nuts.  So you click Nuts and it removes all products where the Attribute value has Nuts assigned.  This was not available in any out-of-the-box solution, not even through other Filter plugins with whom we did enquire.

Therefore we created it from scratch.  Meaning anyone can filter out the foods to which they are allergic, making it a very safe website to buy your products.

You can see the website here:

bbq gourmet on mobile
bbq gourmet tablet
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