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Bespoke Dog Kennels

AROB Products

What they do
Right here in Lincolnshire, AROB Products create bespoke dog kennels, cages and sliders for building and vehicles.  From fancy individual dog kennels, to huge scale custom dog kennels, any size.

What we covered
Website Design, WordPress Support, Website Hosting

Pointon, Lincolnshire, UK


arob products website

How it all started

Alex from AROB Products wanted to meet up in Spalding to go through his plans for a new website.  He wasn’t sure of any design features, but knew he wanted to show galleries of their products.  We went through some ideas together, and he spotted something we did for another company which was a little “out there”, and loved it.

The silhouette dog was born (see image above).  This was a bespoke coding created by 79DESIGN to give a feeling of depth, and to be super modern for what AROB does.

The website is still growing, but so pleased it is live so everyone can see what work they do.

Just brilliant. Exactly what we wanted, and stands out too.

Alex, Owner, AROB Products

Our Solution

Job one was to setup the hosting, and get the design ideas we discussed, on screen.  We used his supplied logo to create the Dog Silhouette (not in PNG either!), and created that amazing effect.  All photos on this website were supplied by AROB, and we used angular features to show the ‘roof’ design of his products.  Plus his branding and font throughout the website.

arob product mobile
arob products website
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