Ambrey Baker Construction

Construction Business, Sleaford
Health & Safety

The Brief

Following on from the success of another website for this client, Paul asked us to rebuild a website for another of his businesses – Ambrey Baker Construction.  It had the same issues as another site, whereby SEO was extremely difficult to make any headway with it.  From Tags being almost hardcoded, to the movement of elements on a page, to be nigh-on impossible.

The speed and efficiency of the website was also not to be desired.

Our Solution

We completely rebuilt their website from the ground up.  No migration too place, except for the Blog.  So we had a ‘clean slate’ on which to design and build their new Ambrey Baker Construction project.

Improved headers, better layouts and much easier to update and improve SEO.  Each page was recreated, but with a better design that was easier to understand, and less “blank” space, most notable in the breadcrumbs area.  It also now has a more modern feel to it, and loads much more efficiently.

You can visit her website here: