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What is cache – or caching?

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Most folks who have a designer create them a website, will have no idea what this is.  But those who do it, should know, though we do come across websites that don’t have it.

Caching is a means of storing a website page as a ‘static file’, so that when you load it up as a customer, it comes to you ‘thick and fast’ – but what is it?

This is the way we explain it to people when we speak to them, and we feel it’s a nice easy way to understand it.

Non-cached content

You go to the kitchen to get a sandwich.  you get the bread, the butter, the cheese and the ham.  To spread the butter.  Sort out the fillings after taking it from the fridge, and make your sandwich.  You cut it up, and take it from the kitchen on a plate.

Quite a process.

Cached content

You go to the kitchen and someone hands you the completed sandwich straight away!

The difference is, everything is prepped and done in advance.  A website, such as a WordPress site is built with database tables, images and so on, so it has to be ‘collated’.  Caching avoids that collation as it is done well in advance.  Without Caching, your website will be slow to load.  With it, it loads one thing, and a few image.  Simple.