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What are Attributes in WooCommerce?

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Attributes are the ‘parents’ of the variables you might select in a store.

Such as Small, Medium, Large, X-Large… their Attribute would be Size.
Red, Green, Blue…. the Attribute would of course be Colour.

But how do you set it in WooCommerce?  Here’s how.

Once logged into your WordPress dashboard, on the left hover over Products and the menu will show ‘Attributes’.  Or on a Phone or Tablet, click Products and then choose Attributes.


Once in Attributes, you need to create one.

add attribute

Here we enter the name of the Attribute, such as Colour.  Leave the rest alone for now.
Click the blue Add Attribute button.

Once you have added one or more, then you need to Configure it – adding red, green, blue appropriate.
Once added, you will see a row on the right with a blue Configure Terms button.  Click that.

And now you have a screen like this, where you can start to add your Attributes ‘terms’.

Attributes in WooCommerce

Just enter the Name, none of the other info.  Simply typing it in and clicking Enter/Return on your keyboard will apply it.

Once all are added, you are done.
And now, you can assign those Attributes when you Add a Variable Product (click here).


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