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How much does a website cost?

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This is definitely the most commonly asked question we receive for Website Design work.  Some companies will give a fixed amount of £x for up to 5 pages, £xx for up to 10 pages and so on.  We don’t work like that; we feel we are more genuine with our pricing.

How much is a car for me?

Ask a Vehicle Dealership “how much is a car”, and they will ask if you want AC, Bluetooth, Leather Seats, Roof Rack and so on.  Each part costs a little more.  It’s the same with a website.   A 4-page site will cost less than a 5-page site – hence why we don’t give a 5 Page Site cost.  But equally, a 4 page site for one company might be less than the same for another, because of the content, or any dynamic elements like booking forms.

Sounds like a ‘fudge’, but this is a true scenario and one we feel gives an honest price to each customer who receives a unique proposal for their business.

After we understand everything you need from your website, including a blog, or social media connectivity, we establish all we need to get it right for you and your business.

Give us a call (01775894479), or use our livechat, or even go to our Get a Quote page and let’s see how we can serve you best.

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