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Can a CDN help my website?

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We absolutely believe so yes.  Every bit of research found online insists that a CDN is very helpful with page speed, optimisation and Google can see it is using a CDN too.  But what is a CDN?

It’s where your images and often other files like style documents, Word documents etc are stored and served from, to the internet.

Content Delivery Networks

The Content Delivery Network has super fast servers designed for this very purpose, and they will be faster than your hosting, as they are designed specifically for this need.

You do need a CMS to manage this, as the Image URLs need to be dynamically changed.  As a WordPress Agency, we would build it in WordPress and that can link through.

If you are unsure about CDN, if you are using one, or want to improve your Google results with one, get in touch with us today, or if you want us to look at setting up a CDN for you, visit our WordPress Support page, as we can do this thru a Support account.

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