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Brand New Support Videos Page 150 150 Editor

Brand New Support Videos Page

We are very happy and proud to announce a new Support Videos page on the website.  Three new YouTube hosted videos have been developed, with Simon providing the voiceover.  Each video has brief information on a particular subject, from SEO, to Social Media and our Free Website Healthcheck service.

Further Support Videos added in 2017

More support videos will be added, and if you would like to have a video created to explain something you would like to know about, get in touch with us.

website support videos
To visit the website’s support videos page, click here



New YouTube Video launched for 2015/2016 150 150 Editor

New YouTube Video launched for 2015/2016

With all the new support and website design functions we now perform, we have had this new YouTube video produced.  WordPress, business cards, and of course our 1st class support service are all highlighted.

The video is now live on our homepage, but we would like to broadcast it here too.

79DESIGN New YouTube Video

It would be great to hear from you in 2016, with your ideas for a new website, help with you current site or your WordPress website, WordPress training, or anything related to website support.

Video Camera - new youtube video

Dynamic YouTube Videos website page 800 392 Editor

Dynamic YouTube Videos website page

A big thing some of our clients have, are YouTube videos, with website areas dedicated to all their video content.

So in the past few weeks we have developed an all new, upgraded videos page.

Originally it had the categories for the products that had videos, along the top, then the video below that, then various products below that.  It was a bit of a mess, and not a good experience on a mobile device.


But now, it’s totally transformed: menu down the left with YouTube ‘play’ icons, video at the top in the right, and the products that have videos, assigned to each category below the video.

Page first loads, showing latest youtube videos

When the page first loads, it shows the latest video added.  If a category is loaded, is show the latest video for that category.  And if you search for a product, it shows the results with the top result showing the video at the top as well.

It’s a far superior, more interactive experience, feeding the latest YouTube video content to it’s customers.  And what’s more, each video shows the title, category, price, and even how many times it’s been hit, on the page too.