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Pros and Cons of Wix website & YELL websites 1024 621 Editor

Pros and Cons of Wix website & YELL websites

We have had people approach us about Wix websites they already have, made by Wix or Yell.  Asking why it’s not doing so well on search engine sites.  Asking what we feel about their website.  They asked us to perform our Free Website Healthcheck, to establish what problems does or does not have.

Wix websites has some benefits.  It’s free to setup.  Even their premium websites are pretty cheap, but it doesn’t entail you, the user, creating it on their platform.  So you can put images up, content, menu etc.  You use their themes.  As a “cheap” option, it’s fine.  If you want to ensure it is SEO’d correctly using the right codes and tools (that a developer would do elsewhere), sadly you cannot check this.

Why is that so important?  If your title isn’t added as a “header one” (which to most people actually means very little), then Google won’t recognise the title of the page.  Therefore, it will be “read” badly, and not seen as the page you have written.

As an example:

This is a title about a chest of drawers

This is a simple paragraph about a chest of drawers.

Google reads this, sees the various words, but if that bold title isn’t coded correctly, it won’t read it as “a title”, thus you lose the ranking you wanted for that page.

Wix websites Image Resizing – or lack thereof

We have often come across websites where there is a big banner at the top, and most CMS smart website systems will serve up the image suitable for your device, resizing it.  So if you are on an iPhone 5 for example, that displays images at no greater than 475px wide.  Wix websites doesn’t seem to resize, so if you are upload a 500kb JPG photograph, that is 1920 px wide….. Wix will serve up that 1920px wide image… to an 475px wide browser.

That’s bad!

wix websitesWix Menus and Responsive layouts

So should you go for a Wix website?  This all depends on whether you want to rank well with Google.  Whether you want your readers to load up pages quickly.

Our Responsive Websites are in a class of their own.  Fully responsive, images are resized to show the correct size for each screen, menus that are pixel perfect, so they express your company proudly online, and a design that is just stunning.

So what about Yell websites?

Yell is a little different, in that they do charge for them, but cheaply.  Their designs can be quite nice, but their SEO is generally found by us to be shocking.

The problem is, to non-techies, these issues sounds like nothing.  Here is an example:

Every page should have a “Header One” tag.  We have found Yell websites where the homepage (that needs it even more than others it could be argued), has NO Header One tag at all.  So it’s not telling Google what this page is actually about.  We Cut Hair.  We build Bathrooms.  We mow lawns. We Sell Cars.

Google cannot identify what a site is doing, if you don’t actually tell it with the right coding.  Just because the text is there on screen, Google needs to be *told* exactly what you are doing, the right way.

This is what SEO work is all about…

We noticed also that with Yell, while the site does show a mobile “version” it is not actually responsive.

Here’s a simple way to tell.  Open your website in a desktop/laptop browser.  Now bring the side of the browser screen inward to make it narrow – around 2-3 inches wide.  Does your site collapse down while remaining easy to view?  OR is it shooting off the side of the browser, out of view?

Easy to view: Responsive
Out of View: Non-Responsive.


When we create a website, we do it ONLY to be fully responsive.  Even when it means customising certain code to make things even more responsive than a theme allows.  We also ensure all the work in our Spalding studio for SEO, is done with precision, courtesy and respect to the customer.

These platforms have their place.  In our view, only if you really don’t care to much about being found ‘naturally’ on Google.  If you push and pay with Adwords, then they are fine, but even then, are you happy to have a site coded badly?


Wordpress website
WordPress websites are cost effective 1024 576 Editor

WordPress websites are cost effective

We have written much about WordPress and what we do with it here on our 79DESIGN Blog but we thought we would explain how WordPress web sites are cost effective ideas.

Generally a custom web site is one we build, sometimes from a previous template we have written, but often from scratch.  Laying out everything just as we demonstrated in a screenshot.  Or indeed in a screenshot or layout you have asked us to produce.

This takes time, and therefore costs money.

wordpress logo

WordPress websites are different

WordPress is different.  Its websites are made using a core system that is pre-built.  We then find the appropriate theme – sometimes a free one, sometimes it’s a paid-for theme.  And then we spend our time tweaking it to your branding.

This also takes time – but LESS time.  Meaning your web site can be up and running quicker, and costs you less money to have 79DESIGN build it for you.

Another popular choice for some, is Wix.  It’s free.  We have seen Wix web sites, and the “backend” that’s used to edit it, but we have found that the Search Engine Optimisation tools are cumbersome, and once live, extremely different for us to go over the code with a fine-tooth-comb to ensure things are correct.  In fact, it’s partly impossible as it’s hidden.  But in WordPress we can check everything!

Also, in WordPress if something isn’t quite right (which happens a lot), then we can tweak it.  In Wix, it cannot be tweaked in the same way.

We never use Wix.  We regularly use WordPress.  And if you are after web site quickly and easily setup, but not quite sure what to do, get in touch with us.  We are here to help.